Client Portal Access 

Dear Client,

Thank you for choosing our firm. We are committed to providing you with an experience that is as pleasant and as simple as possible.

To help simplify your interaction with us, we encourage you to setup a client portal. Through access of our cloud computing storage software known as SmartVault, you will be able to share tax data with us, and in return we can send documents to you.

Here are some of the benefits we are offering you with our services:

  1. It saves time. You can provide tax data to us from your home computer, simply by scanning and uploading it to the portal. We receive the notification of your upload and access to your data immediately. No need to hand deliver or mail missing data to our office.​
  2. It provides quick access to copies of your tax data. If you need a copy of a W-2, 1099, or your tax return, we can provide near immediate access through the portal. 
  3. It's more secure. The SmartVault portal uses state of the art data encryption to ensure the security of any data that is shared. Sending an e-mail, even if password protected is less secure, because it is not encrypted.

We don't intend for the client portal to replace our face to face meeting, but we hope that it will provide you with a time saving and secure way to share information with us.

Below is a Guide to Using SmartVault with detailed instructions on how to set up your client portal and how to navigate its features.