Tax Services

All our clients are paired with the best suited tax professional depending on your tax service needs. We know how frustrating it can be to switch tax professionals each year. Therefore, here at Flint CPA, P.C. we strive to keep you with the same tax professional each year. As an additional assurance all tax returns are reviewed by a highly experienced CPA. When appropriate we also determine any tax strategies available to you to reduce your overall tax liability. Our mission is to educate clients with tax saving techniques so you can plan for a prosperous future.

​​During tax season we charge a consultation fee for any new client, which may be applied towards tax preparation regardless of the appointment type.

Tax Return Preparation & Tax Planning

Whether you need to file a current year tax return or a prior year return we can assist you. It is extremely beneficial to have a well seasoned CPA on your side during tax season. Our firm can help identity questionable deductions and ensure accurate tax credits so you may receive the largest refund. At Flint CPA our team's vast experience and knowledge of the forms, schedules, and tax laws allows us to maximize your potential tax savings. We specialize in complex tax planning for businesses and high net-worth individuals. We are familiar with all the intricacies of the complex tax code which is constantly evolving and we can help you with all your tax planning needs. Usually, your tax savings may exceed the fees you pay us.

​​​Past Due or Amending Filed Tax Return Preparation

Past due or amending filed tax return's vary in complexity. What may appear to be a simple answer usually creates a domino effect of tax changes. In some circumstances we find resolutions to your problem resulting in a refund or no additional tax due. Therefore, we request clients to either call or email us, and setup a consultation. We will pair you with the team member best suited for your needs. During the consultation we will look at the issue and determine what is the best course of action for your situation. Whether you have not filed a tax return for multiple years or you need to correct a prior year return we should find a reasonable resolution. We charge a consultation fee due to the additional time we may spend after our appointment to gather more information. However, we may apply some of the payment towards our service fees. 

IRS Representation

Did you receive a letter from the IRS? If so, we can help represent you before the IRS. If you decide to hire us and pay the representation fee then during our representation period we have the ability to speak to the IRS agent about your case. We deal with the IRS on a continuous basis so we understand the necessary IRS procedures you may have to face in order to resolve your problem. Whether you need to make payment arrangements to payoff a tax debt or believe the tax you owe is incorrect we can help find a resolution.  

  1. Amending Tax Returns 
  2. ​Installment Agreements
  3. IRS Audits​ / Examination
  4. Negotiating tax debts
  5. Offer in Compromises
  6. Amount Due Notice Correspondence
  7. Notice of Deficiency


  • Tax Return Preparation & Planning

  • IRS Representation

  • Past Due Tax Return Preparation

  • Tax Minimization & Deferral Strategies

  • Estate Administration Assistance

  • Estimated Tax Payment Calculations

  • Entity Selection Strategies